Axis Mundi

Middlebury College Museum of Art
Middlebury, VT, 2015

“Axis of the World” is a liminal realm between lower and upper domains, such as between the terrestrial and the celestial, or the telluric and infernal. It is an interstitial space of polar tensions. Historically, this concept has been investigated in many forms including diagram, painting, and architecture.

In this performance installation, a unique axis “diagram” emerged in the form of a temporal sculpture. Through simple, deliberate movements, two performers enacted a wordless drama of its own polarities, including birth and death, masculine and feminine, finite and infinite.

Subverting conventional notions of narrative and time, the performance was an endless loop wherein the performers seamlessly interchange roles.

Concept/Director | Jonathan Vandenberg
Costumes | Sofia Donavan-Lafuente
Curator | Emmie Donadio

Performers | Miguel Castillo, Lorena Neira