Jonathan Vandenberg is a director of theatre and contemporary performance. His work has been presented in a range of contexts, from site-specific locales to off-Broadway theatre.

He has conceived and directed Iago: Images Unseen, Oresteia, Axis mundi, The Crossing of the Visible, The Kingdom, Tantalus, Kafka Parables, and Amnesiac.

His work has been presented in New York by Classic Stage Company, Mabou Mines, Center for Performance Research, New York University Graduate Drama, and regionally by Cutting Ball Theatre, New Langton Arts, San Francisco Theatre Festival, and Middlebury College Museum of Art.

He is on the faculty of Yale-NUS College and was previously at Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama, Vanderbilt University, and Middlebury College.

He received an MFA in Directing from Columbia University and additional training with the Suzuki Company in Toga, Japan.